Tight boots can harm people with arterial insufficiency

When wearing boots with a narrow top, it will be difficult to completely transfer the arterial blood flow, but for some people it is still better not to buy such shoes. In what cases a regular walk can turn into health problems, told Life the head physician of the network of laser surgery clinics “No Varicose Veins”, a member of the executive board of the Association of Phlebologists of the Russian Federation Khachatur Kurginyan.

“I wouldn’t say anything about the danger here, because when you walk, the muscles contract and the blood drives up. Thus, we have an outflow. And then the valves close, do not allow it to go down. So, when you wear, for example , compression hosiery, it performs essentially the same function as the narrow shaft of the boot,” said the specialist.

At the same time, he noted that it is hardly possible to find such a narrow shaft that will completely transfer the arterial blood flow. It is possible to wear tight-fitting boots, except in cases where the patient has clearly expressed arterial insufficiency.

But for people with venous insufficiency, the narrow top of the boot will definitely not be a contraindication, Kurginyan noted. Moreover, if a person is comfortable in such shoes, then it is even useful – no negative consequences should be expected, summed up Life’s interlocutor.

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