Three subjects are arrested for frustrated robbery in Arauco: they carried shotguns and six knives

 Three subjects are arrested for frustrated robbery in Arauco: they were carrying shotguns and six knives

The homeowner noticed the robbery through security cameras. The immediate warning managed to stop policemen while they were on their way to Llico.

For frustrated robbery and illegal possession of firearms, three anti-socials were arrested, who entered a house in the rural sector of Trana in Arauco, Bío Bío region.

The notice The victim was able to locate those involved in a timely manner.

The owner of the house contacted the Carabineros at 133 after he noticed through the security cameras that three individuals broke down the door to enter the house that, at that time, was without residents.

After the alarm was activated in the place, they fled without specifying the robbery in a car.

The The complaint was made at about 7:30 p.m. this Wednesday, finding the whereabouts of the antisocials during the night, when they were moving along the P-20 route in the Llico sector, Arauco commune .

After being inspected, the detainees were carrying two shotguns, a 12-gauge cartridge; six knives and other species to commit r illegal, said the captain of the First Police Station, Alfonso Cárcamo.

Those involved , all of them of legal age, were made available to the Guarantee Court of Arauco for their subsequent formalization.

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