Home News Three Japanese diamond thieves arrested in UK

Three Japanese diamond thieves arrested in UK


Three British men who robbed a Tokyo jewelry store seven years ago are arrested

Three British citizens have been arrested for robbing a jewelry store in Japan in 2015, the Kyodo Tsushin news agency reported on December 3.


Seven years ago, on the night of November 20, 2015, criminals attacked a security guard at the fashionable Harry Winston jewelry store located in the Omotesando Hills shopping complex in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, and then smashed the windows, took away 46 pieces of jewelry, including earrings and pendants, totaling more than 100 million yen ($742 ​​thousand).

All three left Japan two days after the robbery and were put on the international wanted list by the Japanese police through Interpol.

The UK is currently considering whether the perpetrators will be extradited to Japan.


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