Three car models from the Iranian company SAIPA will be sold in Russia in June

Global Look Press |  Artem Sobolev
Global Look Press | Artem Sobolev

The Iranian manufacturer SAIPA plans to introduce three car models to the Russian market. The correspondent of the publication shared the details autonews.ruwho attended the company’s press conference.

In particular, the residents of the country will have the opportunity to purchase the flagship Shahin sedan and the Quik hatchback. Also in Russia will start selling a compact sedan Saina.

The cost of cars will vary from 1 to 1.7 million rubles. At the same time, the Atlas hatch, which is a modernized version of Quik, may also appear on the market in the future.

As the correspondent of the publication noted, Shahin is developed on the Toyota B platform and has a turbocharged M15TC engine. In turn, Quik and Saina are equipped with an M15 atmospheric engine. They run on the X200 platform, an improved version of the Ford Festiva/Mazda 121 developed in 1986.

Earlier it became known that Iranian cars will start selling in Russia from June 1, 2023. Currently, representatives of SAIPA and Best Motors are negotiating the localization of production in St. Petersburg.


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