Thousands rally in Madrid demanding the resignation of the Spanish Prime Minister

In Madrid, a protest was held with the participation of tens of thousands of people. People demanded the resignation of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. A video of the rally has been posted on social media.

The action was initiated by the far-right party Vox. The protesters believe that the Sanchez government is not able to save the country’s inhabitants from the economic crisis, rising prices for goods, electricity and fuel. According to police estimates, about 30 thousand people took part in the action, but the organizers say that more than 80 thousand demonstrators gathered.

“An entire generation cannot take root and raise a family in this country. Workers and their families cannot pay the consumer basket, electricity and fuel bills. And who suffers from this? They – the government – do not suffer”— said the secretary of the trade union “Solidarity” Rodrigo Alonso.

The protesters also oppose the decision to replace the article of the criminal code “riot” with the article “mass riots in severe form.” The first condemned many of the leaders of the Catalan independence process. If the article is replaced, the maximum sentence for such a crime will be reduced from 15 to 5 years in prison.


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