The basic principles of proper nutrition for those wishing to lose weight were listed by nutritionist Svetlana Balagurova.

A good diet assumes that vegetables are half of the serving, and only a quarter are carbohydrates and protein. A portion of food containing fats should be no more than one phalanx of the thumb. Also, for effective weight loss, it is recommended to buy small plates, in which case the person will eat less food, the nutritionist noted.

“Organize meals three to five times a day, in this matter you need to focus on your appetite,” the specialist advised.

People who want to lose weight should eliminate trans fats and sugar from their diet. Colorants, preservatives, and stabilizers do not contain anything useful. If you adhere to at least 80% of these principles, the result will be guaranteed, Balagurova emphasized.

Regular consumption of spicy foods will help you to lose extra pounds. Such foods speed up the metabolism and stimulate the burning of excess fat.


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