Those who left the Shebekinsky district due to shelling will not pay rent until they return

The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, during a conversation with reporters, said that residents who left the Shebekinsky urban district due to shelling would not pay rent until they return.

“There are many questions about the need to introduce credit and tax holidays. There are issues with employers, the solutions are absolutely obvious, there is no need to worry about jobs,” the head of the region said. According to him, residents are also worried about abandoned pets.

“We have been living in a different reality for more than a year now. The same situation was in Nekhoteevka and Zhuravlevka and other settlements. Until now, DND in these villages go and feed the dogs that live there. Where there is an opportunity to persuade, we persuade to give pets to the shelter, ”says Mr. Gladkov (quote from“Mira Belogorye“).

Shebekinsky urban district of the Belgorod region is subjected to massive shelling from Ukraine. Local residents leave settlements. In the last 24 hours alone, 850 units of various ammunition were fired in the district. This afternoon, two people were killed in the shelling, two were injured.

Sergei Tolmachev, Voronezh


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