This is the second time a citizen of Poland is trying to enter the race for the presidency of Kazakhstan

A citizen of Poland, Balli Mazhets, has repeatedly applied to the CEC of Kazakhstan, asking to be registered as a candidate for the presidency of the country. In a message posted press service of the Central Election Commission country, it is said that she cannot apply for this post, as she does not have the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“The Central Election Commission informs that, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 41 of the Constitution of the Republic, a citizen of the Republic by birth, not younger than forty years of age, fluent in the state language, living in Kazakhstan for the last 15 years and having a higher education, may be elected President of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” – the message says.

Mazhets is an activist and human rights activist. She tried to run for president of Poland in 2015, but her application was rejected for a similar reason. And in 2017, a foreign woman asked the authorities of Kazakhstan to allow her to stay in the country.


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