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When setting prices in Belarus, one must be guided by previously adopted documents. This was announced today, on November 11, during a working trip to the Tolochin district, Alexander Lukashenko.

“I am afraid to meet with governors because of these prices. I look at them and think: they smile, which means that we are still tolerable, we will endure, ” he said, referring to the Presidential Directive and government regulations governing pricing issues.

According to him, “we must be guided by the documents.”

“The directive of the President is sacred. No one can cancel the President’s order. I know what it’s about. It does not contradict the ruling. The directive concerned an immediate price freeze pending a government decision. The government decree has been adopted, the Directive has been implemented, and the government decree that introduced the pricing system is still in effect. That’s all. All. There is no need for a Directive, it has been fulfilled,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

Recall that in Belarus there is a high level of inflation. In this regard, in the country, at the direction of Lukashenka, a number of strict documents were adopted prohibiting price increases.

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