“This is just a miracle”. Doctors from Vidnoye saved a newborn weighing 490 grams

April 08, 2023, 12:27

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Doctors from the perinatal center in Vidnoye saved the life of a newborn who was born at the 24th week of pregnancy. The boy’s weight was only 490 grams, and the child’s mother considers everything that happened next a miracle.

Sevara Ismailova did not expect that her indisposition during pregnancy would lead to premature birth.

“Even when they brought me in an ambulance, I wanted to go back home. I could not think that I would start giving birth at such a short time. The son was born at the 24th week, I know that such children are not nursed. It’s just a miracle that the doctors did,” says a patient of the Vidnovsky perinatal center.

Mikhail Novikov, head of the neonatal pathology department, said that the child’s condition was severe. The boy’s weight was only 490 grams, he needed resuscitation. The child at first could not breathe on his own and therefore was on hardware ventilation. The efforts of the team of specialists were not in vain and the baby began to gain weight.

“The first seven weeks were critical. I was only occasionally allowed to see him, there were many motherly tears. But the doctors took care of him. As you can see, now my 24-week-old baby is a hero!” Sevara Ismailova says.

Mom and son have a long recovery ahead of them. The boy has already had an operation on his eyes, and until the age of three he will be under the close supervision of doctors. Experts say that by the first grade the boy will be no different from his full-term peers.

“If they knew the cause of premature birth, they could be stopped. It is not yet clear why discoveries begin, why waters pour out. World statistics show that 7-8% of children are born prematurely,” says Elena Trifonova, head of the 1st resuscitation department of the perinatal center.

Last year, the perinatal center in Vidnoye rescued about 50 children with extremely low weight of less than a kilogram.

The retraining program for pediatricians has been launched in the Moscow region, Governor Andrei Vorobyov announced this. According to it, doctors can improve their skills, share experience, and even cope with professional burnout.


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