This hidden feature of iPhone will make your work easier

hidden feature of iPhone
hidden feature of iPhone

This hidden feature of will make your work easier: The Best  after understanding this option, you will be able to take the cursor anyplace you are typing.

Most of the iPhone’s users can be ignorant of a selected track. A small trick will make your typing experience less difficult on iPhone. That is, after understanding this trick there may be no trouble typing at the iPhone. Typically, the biggest difficulty when typing on the iPhone is to move the cursor to the right-left or the top-backside. But after knowing this trick, you may take the cursor wherever you are typing.

Short-press area bar or inventory keyboard
In this trick, you need to keep pressing the distance bar or any a part of the inventory keyboard for a while. After this you will be capable of taking the cursor everywhere you need. Typically, iPhone customers have a variety of trouble in tapping and enhancing special phrases or letters.

Touchpad turns into the complete textual content vicinity

When you press the spacebar or inventory keyboard for a touch longer the keys are hidden and the entire text place turns into a touchpad, in which you may flow the cursor to anywhere. However, this feature isn’t always new. This function is available inside the iPhone from 2015, but many humans did not recognize it. After knowing this trick, it’ll be clean to editor trade textual content when typing in any app for you. A Twitter person with @krissys_kitchen handles disclosed this trick.

This characteristic has been for more than 3 years
He wrote, “If you click and keep the gap bar, instead of dragging the cursor, you can flow it together with your comfort.” Krissy has made the life of many iOS users easier. However, this Hidden Feature has been in 3-D Touch iPhones (iPhone 6S, iPhone7, iPhone8, iPhone X, iPhone XS) for extra than 3 years.