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“This Day in History” What happened on June 18, holidays, facts, people


The daily program cycle “This Day in History” tells about the most interesting events of the past, the memory of which is inextricably linked with the current date.

On June 18, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation celebrate the Day of Service of Military Communications. The corresponding Decree of the President of Russia was signed in May 2017. The service organizes transportation to solve the tasks of the Armed Forces. Thanks to the SAF, the operational transfer of personnel and equipment is carried out. Separate departments for organizing the transportation of troops and military cargo worked even under Peter I.

An unusual holiday is celebrated annually on June 18 all over the world. It is called International Panic Day. Psychologists recommend allowing yourself to panic at least once a year. Often, “letting off steam” is a very useful thing. Doctors do not recommend letting stressors build up in your mind.

The Saturday closest to June 17 is World Juggling Day. A holiday celebrated among professionals and lovers of this genre of circus art. The art of juggling has existed since ancient Egypt. Combat juggling is often studied in the army.

About this and much more – in the new issue of the program “This Day in History”.



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