“This Day in History” What happened on August 10, holidays, facts, people

The daily cycle of programs “This Day in History” tells about the most interesting events of the past, the memory of which has been entrenched in today’s date for centuries.

August 10 is International Biodiesel Day. The holiday was established in honor of the memory of the first use of environmentally friendly fuel. In 1893, an engine powered by peanut butter was launched. The date is intended to draw public attention to the benefits of biodiesel.

On August 10, 1833, the city of Chicago was founded. Initially, it was a small village with a population of 200 people and it was called Windy City. A few years after receiving the status of a city, the number of inhabitants of the area grew to 4,000 people. Today Chicago is the third largest city in the United States.

On this day in 1985 Michael Jackson bought the rights to all the songs of The Beatles. I wonder what exactly Paul McCartney gave the king of pop business advice to buy the rights to publish a catalog of other artists’ songs. The catalog of the Liverpool Four cost the singer $47.5 million. The rights are now owned by Sony Corporation.

Which of the famous people was born on August 10, you will find out in the new issue of the program “This Day in History”


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