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This actor proposed to Nia Sharma by sitting on her knees in front of everyone, such was the reaction of the actress

Nia Sharma was suddenly proposed by her co-star Kamal Kumar on the set, which everyone was surprised to see. How was Nia Sharma’s reaction, do you know? (Photos: Instagram@niasharma90/@ikamalkumar)

Nia Sharma was surprised when suddenly one of her co-stars proposed her in front of everyone on the sets. Nia could not understand how to react at that time. Of course Nia Sharma has millions of fans and everyone likes her, but Nia never thought that someone would propose her like this.

Proposed to Nia sitting on her knees

According to a report in ‘Spotboy’, Nia Sharma was recently shooting for a music video. Actor Kamal Kumar was signed opposite him in the song. Then one day Kamal Kumar proposed Nia Sharma sitting on his knees in the middle of the shoot. Everyone present on the set was stunned. Although that situation was handled very well by Nia Sharma.

Such was the reaction of Nia and everyone else

Regarding how Kamal Kumar proposed to Nia Sharma and what was the atmosphere at that time, the actor told ‘Spotboy’, ‘We were waiting for the shot to start. Everyone on the set was busy with their work that’s when I went to Nia and proposed her on my knees. Everyone was shocked. But then Nia and I started laughing. Though it wasn’t a serious proposal, which guy wouldn’t want to propose a gorgeous girl like Nia?’ (Photo: Instagram@ikamalkumar)

Proposed to entertain the crew

Kamal Kumar told that he made that proposal only to entertain the BTS scene and crew of the song, of which Nia Sharma was also a part. That thing was planned just to entertain the crew.

Nia is dating Rahul Sudhir?

By the way, when it comes to personal life, Nia Sharma’s name has been associated with her co-star Rahul Sudhir. Rahul Sudhir also attended the birthday celebrations of Nia Sharma’s brother last year. Although Nia and Rahul consider each other to be their good friends.


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