“They went for broke.” Artemivsk turned out to be too expensive a lesson for Ukraine

American Spectator: Artyomovsk has become too expensive a lesson for the Kyiv regime

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The defense of Artemovsk (Ukrainian name – Bakhmut) has become too expensive a lesson for the Kyiv regime, so he should not repeat a similar mistake. This opinion was expressed by an American expert from the publication The American Spectator James S. Robbins.

According to the journalist, the defensive part of the region has become an element of the Ukrainian aid program. Now, many accuse Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of lies and hypocrisy. At first he spoke about the importance of preserving Artemovsk, and then he began to broadcast opposite ideas.

Robbins expressed confidence that if Russian troops took control of the city in 2022, then Kyiv would be able to level the front line “a little to the west.” Now we can conclude that the battles for the region have become a battle of attrition.

“Thousands of Ukrainian servicemen would have survived. <...> Instead, Kyiv played a battle, promised to keep the city, sent troops and made it an excuse. They went all-in with a bad distribution, and now we see the results, ”the material says.

Earlier, retired Ukrainian major general Serhiy Krivonos said that the Ukrainians would lose Slavyansk and Kramatorsk in the foreseeable future. The prerequisites for this was the shortage of artillery ammunition in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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