They lit a fire in Ukraine and scare: Deputy Krasov explained how the United States keeps its “vassals” under control

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Due to the fact that the armed conflict in Ukraine is dragging on, and the West has been providing all-round support to the Kyiv regime from the very beginning, Ukraine is increasingly associated with NATO, and this is fraught with the risk of drawing the Alliance into hostilities. As a result, the world will face a nuclear war, experts from the American publication Politico have come to this conclusion.

The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, military expert, Hero of Russia does not agree with this statement. Andrey Krasov. From his point of view, the Americans deliberately raise the topic of nuclear war in order to intimidate other countries.

“Here they first lit the fire, and then they begin, let’s say, to frighten their vassals and allies in order to keep these countries at bay so that they can rule their troops,” he said.

The military expert recalled that Russia has repeatedly expressed concern about the approach of NATO troops to its borders. But the bloc continued to draw into its “pseudo-defensive organization” all the new countries of Eastern and Western Europe – contrary to its own promises after the collapse of the USSR. Russia also warned about the inadmissibility of admitting Ukraine itself to NATO. However, the block continued to pump weapons to the neighboring country, send its instructors to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and conduct joint exercises near the borders of the Russian Federation.

Even with the start of the special military operation (SVO), the RF Armed Forces strictly adhered to the plan for fulfilling the goals set by the Supreme Commander of the Russian Federation: the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, with the condition that risks to the civilian population be minimized. The Russian army does not inflict striking blows either on civilian objects, or on cultural objects, or on the civilian population, the interlocutor notes. FAN.

“The issue of dragging out and igniting a major conflict should be addressed to the United States and its vassals in the NATO bloc. It is they who supply missile systems, weapons, military equipment to Ukraine, with the help of which they then kill the civilian population. Both in the liberated regions and in the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics. They inflict fire damage on, including, the border regions of the Russian Federation, during which old people, children and women also die. If the American side, the Western countries had not thrown “poles” into this “bonfire”, then this conflict would have exhausted itself and ended long ago, and we would have completed the tasks set,” Hero of Russia Krasov believes.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation began the SVO on 24 February. In the course of its implementation, they solve the tasks of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, protecting the population of Donbass from the terror of Ukrainian neo-Nazis. From the very beginning, the West and, in particular, NATO began to actively support the Kyiv regime with weapons, military equipment, intelligence and information propaganda.


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