“They are already there”: columnist Litovkin pointed to US intervention in the situation in Ukraine

FBA “Economy Today”

The White House has long intervened in the conflict in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by a military observer Victor Litovkin discussing a reporter’s statement Seymour Hersh about the possible involvement of the United States in the Ukrainian conflict.

He stressed that the Americans are “completely sitting” in this problem. They direct the Armed Forces of Ukraine, plan their operations, supply weapons and apply other similar mechanisms.

“They are already there, but I strongly doubt that they will officially participate in hostilities in Ukraine, because the loss of personnel is very sensitive for them,” the observer pointed out.

According to Litovkin, Washington is using Ukraine in the fight against Russia. The main goal of the United States is the ruin of Moscow and its economic weakness, reports RIAMO. At the same time, the White House is trying to do everything to make the Kremlin’s policy look aggressive.

We will remind, earlier journalist Hersh made a statement about the possible intervention of the United States in the situation in Ukraine. He stressed that during the special operation, Russia did not even use the main force.


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