These zodiac signs deliberately enrage everyone around and feed on negative energy.

Surely you at least once noticed that after communicating with a certain person you feel lethargic. You may get a headache, your mood worsens, or even a breakdown occurs – these are all signs of a meeting with an energy vampire who “dined” with you. We found out which people of which zodiac signs more often than others turn out to be provocateurs and invisible predators.

And the list is opened by born leaders who consider themselves an ideal and an example to follow – carriers of the zodiac sign Leo. The fire element makes these people act impulsively, stand out from the crowd and always try to be better than others. Often born under zodiac sign Leo turn out to be energy vampires. When they are in a bad mood, they deliberately anger those around them so that they don’t have a sweet life. They can openly be rude or shame, ironically and insultingly joke. And as soon as the interlocutor reacts negatively to such behavior, Leo will begin to feed.

The most vengeful, evil and dangerous sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, could not be a defenseless victim. This is one of the scariest energy vampires you can meet. Because carriers zodiac sign Scorpio for a long time they pursue the person they like. If someone reacts very brightly to their provocations, becomes very angry, or even begins to be afraid and avoid the offender, then he will turn into an ideal victim for a Scorpio vampire. Because torturing a person who managed to piss off is much more interesting.

Oddly enough, at first glance, the harmless owners of the Aquarius zodiac sign were also among the energy predators. They eat quite rarely and suffer hunger to the last, and then they simply attack the first poor fellow that comes across. Making people negative zodiac sign Aquarius will, trying to assert themselves with the help of the interlocutor. These representatives of the element of Air will specifically remember their biggest achievements in the field where a person works or studies, showing superiority over him.

Active, sometimes carefree and such charming people Aries zodiac sign They can also easily be vampires. Those who closely know these representatives of the trigon of Fire are aware that Aries only pretend to be cuties. In fact, they are very demanding, power-hungry and morally strong people. From the victims, who often turn out to be friends and family members, Aries demands attention, love and energy. A person with this zodiac sign can even provoke conflict simply out of boredom, entertaining themselves and feeding on the negativity of others.

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