These five new features WhatsApp will be your task and easy, know – what’s new?

These five new features WhatsApp: The company has facilitated many features, but the past year has been difficult for the company’s privacy perspective. Wattsapp tries to take full care of its user’s privacy.

Wattsapp, the most used as a messaging app, is going to bring many features in this year 2019. In 2018, WattsAppe had given many great features to the users. Facebook’s proprietary rights wattsapp gave many features like delete buttons, group calls and stickers. This year, the company will launch many more features this year. In 2019, the company will continue to cheer with the new features. However, the company has not issued any official statement regarding the new features.

Finger Print Lock and Unlock

Even though the company has given many advantages through many features but the past year has been difficult for the company’s privacy perspective. Wattsapp tries to take full care of its user’s privacy. Launches new features for this. Now the news is that the company is working on the feature of bringing finger print lock and unlock on the app to further protect user data. With this, the user will have to resort to this feature to open an app. This will further strengthen the user’s privacy.

Dark mode

Once again, the discussion of this feature has started. With the passage of years, the expected increase of the WattsAppe Dark Mode feature can be launched this year. With the help of this feature in less light, the use of Wattsapp can be easily done. Dark Mode features on messaging app are already on Twitter and YouTube.

Media preview

This can prove to be the most spectacular feature of Wattsapp. Using it, the user will be able to see the preview before sending anything to anyone. In the past few days, reports were told that Wattsapp is working on this feature. It was also informed that in order to facilitate the user, its button can be given in notification tray only. With the help of this feature, the user will check the photo, send a GIF image or any video before sending it.

Conscious voice message

After the arrival of this feature, the voice messaging of the Wattsapp will be more popular than ever. This feature will allow users to play voice messages themselves. It is being told that after playing Voice Message, the next voice message will start playing automatic. After the end of every message, the watts will also send notification to the user.

Sticker search

WATSAPP will use this feature as the best choice. After the arrival of this feature, users will be able to search the sticker according to the mood of the written message. Just search the sticker to search by typing that text.

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