These decorations should not be given on February 14 if you do not want to disappoint your beloved

Almost every girl is waiting for a gift for Valentine’s Day. Nowadays, there are many different options for presents, but, as a rule, jewelry is in the lead in this list. Along with this, you can also be embarrassed by giving an out-of-fashion pendant and pendant. What jewelry should not be considered as a gift on this day, in conversation with “Gazeta.Ru” said Elena Rakutina, product director of the jewelry company Sokolov.

“In the first place of the anti-trend of surprises for February 14 is a pendant in the form of an antique angel figure. Since last year, abstract jewelry has come into fashion more and more, so anatomical angels are definitely not suitable for lovers of trendy products. It is customary to give angels for name days, weddings or Christmas, but for Valentine’s Day is better to choose something more interesting, “- she said.

You should not consider pendants with the sign of the zodiac and with the name of your beloved as a gift – they have long gone out of fashion. Rings with the inscription “LOVE” will be an overly banal gift and can only push away your soulmate. Preference should be given to rings with a neat diamond in the shape of a heart.

Jewelry in the form of a crown, such as pendants, rings or earrings, are also included in the anti-rating of gifts. The specialist explained that if you are attracted to the motifs of flora and fauna in jewelry, then instead of a rose, it is better to choose a poppy, instead of a lizard – a snake, and instead of a butterfly – a fly or a bee.

“But it’s important that the girl has a good sense of humor so she can appreciate the creativity of the gift!” summed up Rakutina.


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