There will be strong winds and fog over the weekend in the Chelyabinsk region. Screen

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Over the weekend, fog will descend on the Chelyabinsk region and strong winds will blow. According to Chelyabgidromet, wind gusts up to 12 meters per second are expected.

“The wind in the region will be from the northwest with the transition to the south. The speed on February 11 will be 4-9 meters per second, in some places there will be gusts up to 12 meters, ”the meteorologists noted on the website.

In Chelyabinsk, the maximum wind speed will reach nine meters per second on Saturday and Sunday. At the same time, the range of daytime temperatures at the weekend in the capital of the region will be from minus two to minus seven degrees. On Sunday night it will be cold: up to minus 17 degrees. In some areas of the region, it is predicted that the thermometer on the last day of the week will drop at night to minus 22 degrees.

Fogs in the region will be observed in places on February 11. Possible snow. The next day, February 12, the weather will clear up. In Chelyabinsk, they forecast no significant precipitations, light snow is possible in the region.

On the night of February 12, in some places, up to 22 degrees of frost is expected in the region

Snow in Chelyabinsk possible on Saturday


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