There will be strong relations between Israel and “free” Iran – EADaily, March 12, 2023 – Israel. News of Israel. Israel today latest news

Benjamin Netanyahu gave an interview to Iran’s international channel and relayed messages to the Iranian authorities. This was reported by the former Knesset member, head of the international expert center ICES Alexander Tsinker.

Netanyahu told Iran International that Tehran is “advancing dangerously” on its nuclear program and is close to “red lines”.

In an exclusive interview, the Israeli leader said he returned to the government primarily to make sure that Iran cannot become a nuclear “threshold power”.

Bibi (nickname Netanyahu – ed.) also emphasized that the Islamic Republic wants to have nuclear weapons in order to “buy immunity” both in its “crimes against the world” and as a defense against the Iranian people who reject its legitimacy.

Netanyahu’s 25-minute interview was broadcast by Iranian International Television dubbed in Farsi (Persian).

He also praised Iran’s ancient civilization and the talents and ability of its people to succeed after the Islamic regime is gone.

He expressed confidence that Israel and a free Iran could have a strong relationship.

EADaily recalls that during the reign of the dynasty Pahlavi before the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini Tehran and Tel Aviv had very close relations in Iran.

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