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There was a video of the work of a field hospital in the conditions of a special operation in Ukraine


Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces, who were wounded during a military special operation in the Donbass, are being treated by specialists in field hospitals. The Izvestia newspaper showed footage of the work of military hospitals.

From the outside, the hospital looks quite simple – there are several inflatable modules in a row. However, in fact, in terms of providing medical care, this is, in fact, a full-fledged hospital.

Inside the hospital there is an operating room, a dressing room and wards. In the field infirmary they also do an ECG and even dialysis, take tests.

“Our hospital department has 75 beds. Our capabilities are the provision of specialized medical care for the wounded and sick,” shared senior intern Mikhail.

Meanwhile, a video appeared showing American mercenaries captured by Russians in the Kharkiv region.



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