Road accident in the Przemyslsky district in the Kaluga region - 1920, 01/22/2022

MOSCOW, 22 Jan – A third car also got into an accident with a bus in the Kaluga region, reports the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region.
Earlier, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region said that a passenger car collided with a regular bus, in which there were eight people. One person died, there are reports of two victims, he said.
“With the participation of a passenger car and a bus, a third vehicle, the Nissan Teana, was damaged,” the statement said.
Information about the victims in the third car is not specified.
It is added that the employees of the State traffic inspectorate divert vehicles to the 27th kilometer of the Kaluga-Przemysl-Belev-Orel highway, to the 30th kilometer of the Kaluga-Przemysl-Belev-Orel highway and to the Przemysl-M-3 Ukraine highway. Motorists are asked to choose detour paths, as traffic on the highway is partially obstructed.
According to updated police data, the accident occurred at 10.20 am on the Kaluga-Przemysl-Belev-Orel highway. The driver of the Lada Largus car, moving from Kaluga towards the village of Przemysl, collided with a regular KAVZ bus moving along the Kaluga-Ulyanovo route from the village of Przemysl. The driver of the car died as a result of the accident. The circumstances of the accident are established. Special services are working on the spot to eliminate the consequences of the accident.



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