There is so much benefit in donkey’s milk that the person opened the farm in 18 acres, know the specialty


Akhil from Telangana has made a farm for rearing donkeys in 18 acres of land.
Capital of more than Rs 1 crore has been used in this.
Some researchers believe that donkey’s milk can help in the treatment of type II diabetes.

Hyderabad. These days the donkey milk business is flourishing in Telangana. It is now becoming a major business center. This milk is being sold in the market for about 7,000 per litre. Please tell that the price of cow or buffalo milk in Hyderabad city does not exceed 100 per liter. To meet the demand for donkey milk, many farmers are now rearing this animal. Akhil is one of them. These days Akhil is busy in expanding his business.

According to news agency ANI, Akhil says that our farm is first in the state and third in India in donkey rearing. This is the biggest farm with about 18 acres of land. We have utilized capital of over Rs 1 crore. The demand for donkey milk is very high and the supply is less. That’s why I have started this form.

According to different studies, about 80 percent of the bacteria in donkey’s milk are lactic acid bacteria, which makes it effective in preventing stomach upsets. Hence many families in Hyderabad seek it for health benefits. Although cow and goat milk are rich in proteins, donkey milk is also known to be rich in vitamins and minerals. Some researchers believe that it may help in the treatment of type II diabetes. However, there is no proof about it yet.

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In Karnataka, this year, a 42-year-old IT professional quit his job at a software company and started a first-of-its-kind donkey farm in India. Other new entrepreneurs have also started this business seeing the popularity of this business. It is believed that in the future, many wealthy businessmen can invest in the business of selling donkey’s milk.

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