There are more “good” fats in the meat of young lambs than “bad” ones

The fats contained in red meat are harmful to health – scientists have come to this conclusion for a long time. Dietitian, Candidate of Medical Sciences and Associate Professor of the Medical Faculty of St. Petersburg University Andrey Bobrovsky told the radio Sputnikwhich type of meat is most dangerous for the body.

Fats are an essential component of any meat, but they are different and, accordingly, affect the body in different ways. Red meat contains the most “bad” fats, especially pork, said the doctor.

“In modern dietology, meat has been studied far and wide. As a result, fatty red meat, primarily pork, was recognized as the most harmful. It contains a large amount of saturated, or “bad” fats. The more of them, the worse the meat, because they favor the development of the disease of civilization number one – atherosclerosis, followed by strokes, heart attacks and circulatory disorders. It is from this disease that modern man most often dies, “ Bobrovsky said.

However, among the types of red meat there is an exception that does not provoke the risk of developing atherosclerosis. It was discovered by nutritionists while studying the “Caucasian paradox” – the longevity of people who eat large amounts of red meat, namely lamb. As it turned out, these people ate the meat of lambs, not adult sheep. As a result, the researchers drew attention to the fact that the meat of young lamb is more similar to fish in terms of fat composition: it has more “good” fats, despite the fact that it is red meat, the nutritionist explained.

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