Therapist: mosquito and gadfly bites threaten anaphylactic shock

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Bites from mosquitoes, horseflies, hornets, gadflies and bees can lead to anaphylactic shock. At risk are people with an increased immune response. Galina Slobodina, a doctor of integrative medicine, therapist, rheumatologist, nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences, told about this in an interview with URA.RU.

“The bite of any insect can cause anaphylactic shock, ranging from bees, mosquitoes, ending with all sorts of horseflies, hornets, gadflies. Because they all secrete poison intradermally and twist such a state. But not all people react this way. Here, a person should have a high reactive state of immunity, which reacts so violently with the release of all these histamine-like substances in the body, and causes such a swirling allergic reaction of an immediate type. That is, any changes in immunity can cause ambiguous reactions, ”explained Galina Slobodina.

The therapist advised people with allergic reactions or intestinal problems to be extremely careful when encountering insects. “Of course, if people have some kind of allergic predisposition or they do not tolerate some kind of food, if they have problems with the intestines, then they are at risk. They need to be examined and know that meeting with such insects is not safe for them, ”added Slobodina.

Earlier, the chief physician of the clinic “Your Doctor”, therapist Tatyana Romanenko, recalled the mortal danger from a bee or wasp sting. At risk, according to her, are people who have already had an acute allergic reaction to the attack of these insects.

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