The Youtuber Squeezie will soon be entering the Grévin museum

recognition His wax figure will be unveiled to the public on December 2

The Youtubeur Squeezie will soon make his entrance to the Grée museum ;vin

Squeezie is the first French Youtuber. (Photo by SYLVAIN THOMAS/AFP) — SYLVAIN THOMAS/AFP

A new personality go and see his wax statue join the famous Gévin Museum  Paris. This is Squeezie, which has no less than 17 million subscribers on Youtube. The statue will be unveiled to the general public on December 2. She will be installed alongside Marilyn Monroe, Father Fourras, Omar Sy and also George Clooney, reports the HuffPost.

It’s the sculptor Claus Velte who took charge of the to create the double of Squeezie, Lucas Hauchard of his real name. Helped of the museum teams, he worked no less than six months on this statue, the objective obviously being to make it as similar as possible. And the first French Youtuber had to giving of yourself: taking pictures, measuring your whole body, molding your hands  Nothing has been left randomly.

As for all celebrities who have the honor of having their wax statue in the famous Parisian museum, Squeezie got to choose her outfit. But we will have to wait until December 2 to know his choices. If we don’t know if he’ll be wearing his streamer headset or the suit he wore in his Time Time music video, we already know. that he’t be alone enter the Gévin museum. He will indeed be accompanied of his faithful dog Natsu, who will also have the right to his double in wax.

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