The words of the ambassador about the readiness of the country to fight with Russia are misinterpreted

The Polish Embassy in France said that Ambassador Jan Emeric Rosciszewski did not tell the French media about his country’s readiness to fight with Russia in the event of a military defeat of Ukraine. The diplomatic mission issued relevant explanations.

“We draw your attention to the fact that the statement is interpreted by some media outlets in isolation from the context in which it was made,” the embassy said in a statement.

According to the version of the diplomatic mission, “in the course of a half-hour conversation with the editor, the ambassador argued about the need to support Ukraine by the allies,” he also “told about the threat” that Russia allegedly poses to Europe and European values.

The department also believes that if you carefully listen to the entire conversation, you can be sure that there was no announcement of Poland’s direct participation in the war, while it was allegedly about the consequences that a defeat for Ukraine could have, namely, Russia’s ability to launch an attack on the West.


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