The women’s boxing team of the Russian Federation at the opening of the world championship came out with the Russian flag


    The Russian women’s boxing team entered the opening of the World Championship in New Delhi in India with the flag of Russia. The video from the opening ceremony of the championship is posted in the Russian Boxing Federation group in “In contact with”.

    In October 2022, the International Boxing Association (IBA) allowed boxers from Russia and Belarus to compete. They were also allowed to compete in international tournaments under their own flags, and to play anthems when they won. In this regard, several teams, including USA Boxing, refused to participate in the championship.

    More than 320 athletes from 65 countries of the world participate in the boxing championship. The Women’s World Championship will be held from 15 to 26 March.

    As previously reported, Yulia Chumgalakova (up to 48 kg), Ekaterina Paltseva (up to 50 kg), Anna Aedma (up to 52 kg), Karina Tazabekova (up to 54 kg), Lyudmila Vorontsova (up to 57 kg), Nadezhda Golubeva ( up to 60 kg), Natalia Sychugova (up to 63 kg), Azalia Amineva (up to 66 kg), Anastasia Demurchyan (up to 70 kg), Anastasia Shamonova (up to 75 kg), Saltanat Medenova (up to 81 kg), Diana Pyatak (over 81 kg). The head coach of the Russian women’s boxing team, Albert Mutalibov, hopes that the athletes will win at least four medals.

    Anastasia Larina


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