The wife of singer Anton Makarsky called her pregnancy at 42 a “miracle” |  Freepik Company S.L. | Freepik Company S.L.

Wife of actor and singer Anton Makarsky Victoria told about the way to the birth of a son Ivana. According to the artist, this event can only be called a “miracle”. At the time of pregnancy, the woman was already 42 years old.

On social networks, Victoria remembered that a year before the birth of her second child, she ended up in an Orthodox church in Jerusalem, where not everyone could get. But she succeeded.

There she was told that a boy would be born soon. It happened on May 25, 2014. And a year later, on May 31, 2015, the couple’s son Ivan is born.

Earlier it became known that the actor Al Pacino is preparing to become a father at the age of 84.


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