The White House said that it is unprofitable for the United States to get involved in the conflict in Ukraine

White House: US does not seek to unleash a third world war

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The United States does not seek to unleash a third world war, John Kirby, coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council, said during a briefing. The speech was broadcast on YouTube channel the official residence of the American president.

Kirby stressed that the possible involvement of NATO and the United States is not in the interests of the States.

“[Конфликт] <...>, which will involve the West, and NATO, and the United States, not only does not meet the interests of our national security, but it also does not do anything good for the population of Ukraine, ”said the White House representative.

According to him, the escalation of the conflict would not bring anything good to either the inhabitants of Europe or the Russians. One of the main tasks of US President Joe Biden is to prevent the outbreak of a third world war, John Kirby added.

Journalists asked him who would be responsible for the drone attack on Moscow and the Moscow region. Kirby forwarded the question to the government of Ukraine, reported “News”.

The White House said that the United States will give the Ukrainian authorities another package of military assistance. It will include supplies for Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.


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