The White House is not preparing for riots due to the possible arrest of Donald Trump

White House spokesman John Kirby spoke in a long interview about possible preparations for riots after the arrest of former US President Donald Trump. At least, report March 19 RIA Novosti, Kirby is unaware of any such threat of violent protests.

The Washington official, commenting on Trump’s words about his imminent arrest, also admitted that he knows nothing about the plans of law enforcement officers regarding the former American president.

“I am not aware of any indication that we are preparing for this type of action, in particular with regard to these comments, but it is clear that we are working in close coordination with local and state authorities across the country,” John Kirby said in an interview.

EADaily recalls that earlier Trump announced that he would soon be charged with criminal charges with further detention. This, he said, could happen as early as next Tuesday, March 21.

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