The West predicted the destruction of the United States by 2024 because of Biden

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The absurd behavior of US President Joe Biden could lead to the complete destruction of America as a state by 2024. This opinion was expressed by readers of the Daily Mail.

“At the rate this idiot is destroying the US, there will be no America in 2024,” Dave wrote. So he commented on an article that says that 59% of Americans are concerned about Biden’s mental health.

Earlier URA.RU reported that 59% of Americans are concerned about the mental health of their president. This is due to Biden’s numerous public gaffes. So, for example, the American leader once again got lost in space, trying to shake hands with the void.National News Service“.

Readers say Biden is too old for the presidency
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The comments suggest introducing age restrictions for candidates for high positions
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Readers remembered the public gaffes of the American leader
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Americans think their leader’s behavior is ridiculous
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Commentators are sure of Biden’s mental illness
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