The West intends to fight Russia and China with the help of the revival of the Rimland concept


    The West, in order to fight Russia and China, intends to revive and resort to the Rimland concept, which helped win two world wars and the Cold War. Columnist Michel Gurfinkel writes about this for the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

    The US-backed arc of strategic cooperation now stretches from western to eastern Eurasia, forming a defensive oceanic Rimland that opposes Eurasian continental powers China and Russia. stated in the material.

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    According to Gurfinkel, the development of a new strategic concept for Washington became noticeable during the Middle East tour of US President Joe Biden, and this was especially evident at the July 14 online summit of the I2U2 quadripartite group (Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed and Biden).

    Initially, the purpose of the association was to develop cooperation on economic and technological issues, the journalist noted, but later Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan compared it to “a quadripartite security dialogue, which is an Indo-Pacific alliance in its infancy, which includes the United States, Japan, Australia and India”.

    Rimland (“Arc land”) is a geopolitical concept introduced by the American political scientist Nicholas Speakman in 1940 in Geography of Peace. “Whoever controls the Rimland rules Eurasia,” he believed. According to the expert, the arc controlled by Washington, stretching from Britain through Western Europe and the Middle East along South and East Asia, can hold back the continental empires represented by the Soviet Union and China.


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