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‘The View’: Whoopi and Alyssa Milano Clash on Whether Twitter Is Worth Saving: ‘Not Meant to Be Any Better Than What We’re Seeing’


Whoopi Goldberg and Alyssa Milano discovered themselves on completely different sides of the Twitter argument on Tuesday morning, because the latter actress and activist admitted that, regardless of her hatred of Elon Musk, she’ll be staying on the platform.

While showing on “The View,” Milano went into element on why she has returned her Tesla in protest of Musk — explaining that, together with her involvement within the MeToo motion, the accusations of sexual harassment in opposition to him had been an excessive amount of to ignore — however continues to keep on Twitter. When requested level clean if she’d be staying on the social platform, Milano responded within the affirmative.

“Yeah, because we can’t cede that territory,” she mentioned. “It’s like a turf war now. That’s how I look at it.”

At that, Whoopi disagreed, interjecting earlier than Milano may proceed and arguing that, after Musk’s takeover of the corporate, it’s reached the purpose of no return.

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“Nah. Not that. That one you don’t — there’s other ones you can come and grab, leave that to them,” Whoopi mentioned. “‘Cause that’s what that is meant to be now. It’s not meant to be any better than what we’re seeing.”

Milano fired again although, arguing that if individuals go away, it’s extra like they’re giving up the combat altogether.

“But if we’re not representing our side of the political discourse, aren’t we just saying, ‘You know what, you can have Twitter?’” she retorted. Behar chimed in agreeing, saying that it’s like “you’re handing it over.”

Whoopi remained steadfast although, reinforcing why she herself selected to go away Twitter a number of weeks in the past.

“Some things you have to walk away from until you can get the control you need of it. Right now, there’s no way to get this control,” she mentioned. “And so, find the ones that you can get and fix, and then come back and run that over. But do your self a favor. Do yourself a favor.”

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