The use of pyrotechnics has been banned in the Kursk region – Kommersant

The authorities of the Kursk region have banned the use of pyrotechnics in the region until January 25, 2024. Governor Roman Starovoyt announced this after a meeting of the regional operational headquarters, at which the corresponding decision was made.

“I am convinced that the residents of Kursk will treat the established ban with understanding and will take a responsible approach to its implementation, especially during holidays and weekends,” the head of the region wrote in his Telegram channel. He explained that the decision to ban the use of pyrotechnics is related to the need to ensure the safety and tranquility of residents of the region. Its implementation will be controlled by local governments and federal structures.

In the Kursk region, as in other border regions, due to attacks from Ukraine, a medium level of response and a yellow level of terrorist threat are in effect. Just yesterday, two people were injured as a result of an attack by two drones. Last week, the use of pyrotechnics was banned in another border region – the Belgorod region: until January 26, firecrackers, fireworks and fireworks cannot be used there, but firecrackers and sparklers can be used. Since the end of May, a similar ban has also been in effect in the Lipetsk region, which does not border Ukraine.

Sergey Tolmachev, Voronezh

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