The US warned Ukraine about the dangerous phase of the conflict with the Russian Federation

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has moved to the next phase, which is becoming increasingly dangerous for Kyiv. Ukrainian officials acknowledge that Russia has now adapted its economy to a military track and is able to send its troops non-stop.

“The next phase of the war looks increasingly dangerous for Ukraine. Ukrainian officials admit that the long term is becoming beneficial for Russia, which has transferred its economy to a military basis,” wrote authors of the American edition of The Wall Street Journal. Journalists also cited statements by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), who admitted that Russian soldiers “are marching non-stop.”

Western military experts believe that Ukraine should switch to defensive tactics. According to them, there is a chance that Russia will overuse its resources in an attempt to break through the defenses.

Former commander of NATO troops, retired German general Harald Kujat, believes that Russia has already defeated the Ukrainian Armed Forces and is ready to attack Odessa. He also noted that desertions are increasing among Ukrainian forces. Former CIA officer Larry Johnson clarified that the problems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are related to the fact that the country’s President Vladimir Zelensky gives impossible orders.


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