The US needs to control the use of nuclear weapons


The United States is the only country that has used nuclear weapons for military purposes, so Washington’s role in this matter should not be underestimated. Shared this opinion with TV channel “360” Analyst of the Center for Expert Support of Political Processes Yevgeny Pashkovsky.

As diplomat Andrey Belousov noted earlier at the NPT Review Conference, NATO is well prepared to justify such a move in the future. Pashkovsky also recalled that the United States had long ago deployed weapons, including nuclear ones, in Europe, for example, in Italy, Germany, as well as in Great Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands. He noted that “now the intentions and experience of the Americans are being shifted to Russia,” Washington says that it is Moscow that allegedly wants to use nuclear weapons.

Thus, the United States is trying to manipulate another state, and it is America that needs to be controlled in this matter, the expert explained. He also added that Russian documents provide for the possibility of using nuclear weapons only in case of a threat to national security.

“When the United States will use it and for what purposes is a very serious question. World leaders, politicians, experts should think about the idea of ​​the Americans,” Pashkovsky emphasized.


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