The US Navy and the Marine Corps argued about the cost of amphibious assault ships

March 17, 2023, 11:01 am

“Military Review”: a dispute erupted in the United States over the cost of landing ships

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The US Navy has paused funding for a line of San Antonio-class amphibious transport docks. “Military Review”. According to the head of the department of naval operations, Admiral Mike Gilday, the re-evaluation of the LPD-17 Flight II ships began a year ago at the direction of the Office of the Minister of Defense of the country.

According to him, the Navy wants to evaluate warships. The process should be completed in the third quarter of fiscal year 2023.

However, the US Navy has yet to pay for the LPD-32 that Congress has scheduled for this year. At the same time, after calls from the Marine Corps to finance the purchase of the LPD-33, it was decided to allocate another $ 250 million for the preliminary sale of this ship.

But the Navy did not include the ship in its five-year budget forecast. The purchase could take place in fiscal year 2025 if the ship follows industry guidelines, the publication said.

“Congress gave us the right to make bulk purchases, and we all agree that this is how we should do with these ships. It has to be competitive,” Gilday added.

At the same time, the commander of the US Marine Corps, David Berger, defended the LPD-17 Flight II and called the strategy of large purchases a way to reduce the budget.


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