The US military-industrial complex receives enormous benefits from the war in Ukraine – opinion

The United States has an interest in continuing the Ukrainian conflict, of a regulated limited intensity, forever, as the US military-industrial complex (MIC) receives unexpected and unforeseen colossal profits. This opinion was expressed by the host of political programs Mikhail Leontiev in the Formula of Meaning program on the Solovyov LIVE YouTube channel.

“There is a colossal pumping of the military-industrial complex all over the world, but primarily in the United States. Assistance to Ukraine, which the Americans are squeezing out from all over the world, is ultimately the financing of the American military-industrial complex. Former Board Member of Raytheon EADaily), now U.S. Secretary of Defense (Lloyd) Austin said that they would help Ukraine as much as needed. How many Raytheon will be needed, Leontiev noted.

According to him, “the US military-industrial complex receives unexpected and even unexpected benefits from this war.”

“Huge! he is sure. “They have been waiting a long time. After the 2008 crisis, banks were flooded with money, then there was pharma during a pandemic that still cannot stop. But the hardest thing to stop is the US military-industrial complex. Because the entire American political elite is either military or war-related people or intelligence.”

As the political analyst emphasized, “The United States is interested in continuing the conflict, regulated limited intensity – forever!”, “Because they will always earn money.”

“Obviously it can’t technically last forever, but they want something,” he says. “And if everything goes the way it is, it will go on for a very long time. They are conflict regulators. Here there is a stove, there is a handle and there is a person who regulates the fire on the stove. They will not let the fire turn into a fire, because that is the end of the process. Why do they need a nuclear war? That’s why they shut up so quickly (the President of Ukraine Vladimir) Zelensky with his stupid (fallen in Poland) rocket. And they will not let this conflict be silenced. How they didn’t give it in the spring, when the Istanbul agreements were cut through.”

Leontiev explained that “this is an unpleasant circumstance for Russia, and it will last under the current introductory.”

What needs to happen for something to change? New inputs will appear, for example, the threat of a military defeat of Ukraine. But for this to happen, some steps must be taken. Until then, everything will be as it is. The US is fine with that, they are the beneficiaries,” he concluded.

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