The US military does not exclude the extraterrestrial origin of objects shot down in the sky

The head of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD), Glen van Herck, did not rule out that the aircraft shot down in recent days in US airspace could be of extraterrestrial origin, but stressed that the intelligence services should make the final conclusion on this matter.

In recent days, US fighter jets have intercepted three high-altitude targets of unknown origin and destination over Alaska, Canada and Lake Huron. During a special briefing for journalists, van Herk was asked if the military was ready to completely rule out the version of the extraterrestrial origin of aircraft shot down in the sky over the United States. This issue, as noted by one of the journalists present at the event, is actively interested in the American public.

Thanks for your question. I will leave intelligence and counterintelligence to draw their conclusions on this matter. Personally, at this stage, I do not exclude any versions, ” – said a senior military man.

“We continue to assess every threat or potential threat that approaches North America and make attempts to identify them,” he added.

According to the head of the command, the US military has not yet determined what kept the aircraft shot down in the north in the air, and are not sure that it is about balloons.

“I am unable to explain how they stayed in the air. There may have been a gas-filled balloon inside the structure, or some type of propulsion system. However, it is obvious that they were kept in the air, van Herck said.

CNN previously quoted pilots climbing to intercept who said they could not determine by visual observation where the engines were located on the vehicles.

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