The US made an unexpected statement about Putin and the conflict in Ukraine

Meeting of the Council of CIS Heads.  Bishkek, Vladimir Putin

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin withstood all attempts by Western countries to stop the conflict in Ukraine. This was reported in a newspaper in The Wall Street Journal. The authors of the article noted that in the conflict zone there are no signs that Russia could lose.

“The time has come to stop the fabulous thinking about Russia’s defeat. Putin has withstood all Western attempts to stop the conflict in Ukraine, and his power is secure. The United States and its allies need a new strategy: containment,” says in the material. The authors of the article noted that in the combat zone there are no signs that the Russian Federation could lose.

The newspaper noted that the sanctions did not hinder the Russian economy. “Outdated Soviet factories are superior to Western factories when it comes to much-needed goods such as artillery shells,” the authors emphasized. They said Putin’s support among Russians had not diminished.

Earlier it was reported that the West began to become disillusioned with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, as he did not live up to the hopes of his allies during the Ukrainian counter-offensive. University of Chicago political science professor John Mearsheimer said that the Russian Federation has again become a superpower thanks to Putin, reports RT.


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