The US is waiting for the invasion of hybrid superpigs – EADaily, February 26, 2023 – Society. News, USA News


North America is facing a new threat. The Canadian Super Pig, a gigantic, incredibly intelligent and elusive animal that can survive in cold climates, is poised to make its way into the northern United States. About it writes in the British Guardian columnist Adam Gabbat.

The super pig was created by Canadian farmers who crossed wild boars and regular pigs in the 1980s. The result was an animal weighing about 300 kg, which gave more meat. But some individuals managed to escape and the population quickly spread across Canada.

Initially, experts believed that this was nothing to worry about and that such a species simply could not survive the harsh Canadian winters, but it turned out that “being big is a huge advantage for surviving in the cold.” According to the expert Ryan Brookthe super pig digs a cave in the snow up to two meters deep, laying it out with reeds to survive in extreme conditions, and “razor-sharp fangs” allow you to get food.

“Perhaps, from 2010 to 2012, there was a significant chance to find them and get rid of them. But now they are so widespread and so numerous that, of course, back in 2018 or 19 I stopped saying that eradication is possible. It’s just how they are designed,” Brook added.

According to an American specialist Michael Marlow, wild pigs cause huge damage to the environment, ranging from eating crops to destroying trees and polluting water. They also pose a risk to human health and safety as they carry various pathogens, including viruses.

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