The US is losing global influence and needs a “humiliating” truce in Ukraine

The United States is increasingly losing its global influence in the world, underestimating Russia and overestimating its own capabilities to support Kyiv, including with regards to the supply of weapons and ammunition, writes Asia Times. As the source of the publication pointed out, the States need an immediate truce of the parties to the conflict in Ukraine.

“The United States is catastrophically losing influence by underestimating Russia. They do not have the industrial capacity to provide Ukraine with artillery ammunition. I spoke [на конференции] arguing that the best policy is an immediate ceasefire.” said an anonymous source.

He noted that the truce could be a “saving humiliation” for the American authorities, and also added that their defeat in Vietnam “made possible a complete rethinking of US defense strategy and America’s final victory in the Cold War.”

The source clarified that the Ukrainian army is experiencing a large shortage of military force, including well-trained personnel. During the special military operation, the professional army was knocked out, and the recruits had not yet had time to undergo training. In this regard, it is possible that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will take the most reasonable step in this situation and accept the Chinese peace plan.


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