The US is cooperating with China on sanctions against Russia – Kommersant

The United States is in cooperation with China on all issues related to anti-Russian sanctions and the price ceiling for oil from the Russian Federation. This was stated by Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Geoffrey Pyatt.

“I’ll just note that we are in very intensive cooperation with Chinese allies on all these issues around the price ceiling and the sanctions regime,” Mr. Pyatt told a briefing (quoted by RIA Novosti).

On December 5, 2022, the embargo on Russian oil came into force, and from the same day the price ceiling for oil from Russia was set at $60 per barrel. Since February 5, 2023, the European Union embargo on Russian petroleum products has been in force.

According to the International Energy Agency, in October, Russian oil exports decreased by 70 thousand barrels per day, to 7.5 million bpd. Yesterday, November 16, the United States imposed sanctions against three Liberian-flagged oil tankers that were carrying Russian oil at a price above the established ceiling. The United States insists on the effectiveness of these restrictions on the sale of Russian oil.

About the situation on the market – in the Kommersant article “Oil is pouring through the ceiling.”

Laura Keffer

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