The US imposed sanctions on Hamas and Islamic Jihad for the third time

The US Treasury has introduced a third package of sanctions against the Palestinian movement Hamas, as well as against members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. This is stated in statement departments. The sanctions were adopted in coordination with the UK.

According to the department’s statement, the following individuals were subject to sanctions:

  • Nasser Abu Sharif is the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Iran. According to the US Treasury, he trained militants to build missiles in the Gaza Strip;
  • Jamil Yusuf Ahmad Aliyan is the head of the Muhjat Al-Quds Foundation (also included in the sanctions list) in the Gaza Strip, through which funds provided by Iran to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were distributed;
  • Akram al-Ajuri – Deputy Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and leader of the Al-Quds Force (the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad);
  • Nabil Khaled Khalil Chouman is the founder of the Lebanese foreign exchange company Nabil Chouman & Co. (also listed), through which money was transferred from Iran to Gaza;
  • Khaled Chouman is the son of the head of Nabil Chouman & Co.;
  • Reda Ali Khamis is a participant in the operation to transfer money from Iran to the Gaza Strip.

On October 27, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against members of Hamas, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and related organizations. The restrictions included the representative of Hamas in Iran, a number of members of the IRGC, as well as organizations in the Gaza Strip, which, according to the United States, served as a channel for the transfer of Iranian weapons to Hamas and the Islamic Jihad group. Prior to this, on October 18, the US Treasury entered sanctions against several Hamas militants and their financial intermediaries.

Polina Motyzlevskaya

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