The US Congress said they would not stop helping Kyiv


The United States will not stop providing support to Kyiv, despite a resolution submitted to Congress this week containing a demand to stop aid to Ukraine. This was stated on the CBS television channel by a representative of the Republican Party, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Michael McCall.

He noted that there are a sufficient number of people in the parliament who support Ukraine, while at the same time there are many legislators who do not support it. Those legislators who have doubts need to be explained what the funds allocated to help Kyiv are used for, the Republican emphasized.

“I still have a high degree of confidence that we will provide the assistance they need. And I would like her to come faster so they can win faster.” the senator said.

Earlier it was reported that the other day 11 Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced a draft resolution on the termination of aid to Ukraine. The bill states that spending money on Kyiv is costly to the US budget.

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