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The US Congress intends to allocate $ 10 billion for the armaments of Taiwan


US lawmakers are ready to allocate up to $ 10 billion to strengthen the defense of Taiwan, Bloomberg reported. The agency correspondent wrote on Twitter that this is due to “growing tensions and threats from China.”

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, reported that the US administration and Congress expressed concern that massive military assistance to Ukraine would lead to delays in the supply of weapons to Taiwan in the amount of almost $ 19 billion.

The newspaper wrote that the fears were based on the fact that multibillion-dollar arms deliveries to Ukraine raised doubts “about the ability of the government and the defense industry to keep pace with the sudden demand to arm Kyiv in a conflict that is not expected to end soon.”

Taiwan’s outstanding shipments, which topped $14 billion in December last year, have risen to $18.7 billion, according to congressional officials.

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