The United States needs to develop a more peaceful policy towards Russia in order to prevent the strengthening of cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. This was stated by Ted Carpenter, Senior Fellow for Defense and Foreign Policy Research at the Cato Institute, in The American Conservative.

In his opinion, the United States is at great risk by waging a cold war on two fronts: with Russia and China. The researcher emphasizes that this is stretching strategic resources. He called on the US government to decide which rival to focus on.

Carpenter argues that Washington’s diplomatic disputes with Moscow and the trade war with Beijing are pushing China and Russia to build up economic and military ties. He fears that in the event of a full-scale conflict, the alliance of the two states will surpass America’s capabilities.

The researcher believes that the US should also reduce its military presence in other countries. He stressed that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is becoming less significant amid attempts to relocate bases to Central Asia.

Earlier, the deputy head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General John Hayten, explained the unwillingness of the United States to fight with Russia. According to him, the Russian nuclear forces are completely modernized, unlike the American ones. He called on the United States to move faster in the context of bureaucratic procedures for modernizing weapons.


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